What We Do – old

policy and programs

Developing plans, programs and policies

We work with our clients, their communities and stakeholders to collaboratively design public health plans, policies and programs. We do this work through:

  • adopting co-design principles and approaches
  • synthesizing the best available evidence
  • leveraging off practice-based evidence
  • community engagement processes
  • applying pragmatic frameworks

Designing programs with propelo™


At Enable Health Consulting we are proud to offer our clients access to propelo™. This software enables the flexible delivery of highly tailored personal messaging programs. Since its development in 2011, propelo has been used by researchers to deliver high quality research projects and by commercial providers of telephonic health services. Our clients can use this powerful tool and our expertise to develop and deliver effective health promotion programs.

Designing Health Promotion Services
Evaluation Planning and Implementation

Monitoring and Evaluation

We understand that evaluation can create a strong foundation for:

  • informing improvements
  • generating financial and political support
  • communicating with your target group

We take time to understand the reason why you are evaluating your work and who the audience of the evaluation outcomes will be. This grounds our approach and enables us to work with you to plan evaluations that are sustainable and meaningful.

Community Engagement

Meaningful community consultation is the foundation to effective health promotion actions. We are experienced in conducting community needs assessments, guiding user design processes and seeking community input at various stages of project development. We use innovative methods to communicate with a diverse range of stakeholders.

Community Consultation
Professional Development

Capacity Building

Evaluation skills are incredibly valuable in today’s workforce. We offer bespoke professional development training designed to the meet the needs and capabilities of your workforce. Whether in groups or one-on-one, for introductory level or advanced evaluation skills, we can tailor the content and delivery format to your needs. All of our professional development sessions are hands-on, interactive and are supported by high quality learning resources to support on-going learning and implementation of the lessons learnt.

Examples of topics covered in our professional development sessions include:
  • Designing meaningful evaluations
  • Understanding and applying the ‘RE-AIM framework’
  • Understanding and applying ‘Program Logic’
  • Designing and implementing practical survey tools
  • Making the most of propelo™


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