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Brianna is the Director of Enable Health Consulting. She has worked as a consultant, researcher and teacher in the field of public health for over 15 years. Her work focuses on developing, delivering and evaluating health promotion programs. She has worked in a number of settings, including community, workplace and clinical. Brianna enjoys working in collaboration with clients and stakeholders.

Most of her experience lies in understanding health-related behaviours at the population level and translating that understanding into effective, sustainable services and programs. Brianna’s projects often directly lead to health service improvements. Brianna has advanced skills in research planning and methods, community consultation and communication.


In her past role at The University of Queensland’s School of Public Health she was a Senior Lecturer. Brianna was the Director of the Bachelor of Health Sciences program, where she led a rejuvenation of the program’s delivery and curriculum. For this work she received a ‘Leader of the Future’ award in 2018 from the UQ Faculty of Medicine. In her time as an academic, Brianna  published extensively in peer-reviewed journals and won over a $1.5 million in competitive research funding.


Ally is a Public Health Consultant at Enable Health Consulting. Her work aims to understand population health by evaluating knowledge, attitudes and risk perceptions that influence health behaviours. This has seen her complete research both internationally and domestically across the fields of infectious diseases, mental health, and cancer screening. With experience in identifying community needs and evaluating health service provision, Ally is interested in helping services better understand and meet the health needs of their communities.



Ally has over 7 years experience working in research for government organisations, focusing largely on the inclusion of local communities and stakeholders in the development of effective services. Ally has in-depth experience across all aspects of research projects, from developing protocols, collecting and organising data, as well as analysis and reporting. Ally has conducted research in both statewide and international settings, with a focus on including consumers. Ally has spent the last two years working in rural and remote Queensland in the cancer screening programs – and has established effective networks throughout these regions.


Tayla is a Public Health Consultant at Enable Health Consulting. Her background is in cognitive psychology and social psychology, with knowledge and experience in women’s health.


She has experience in designing and evaluating public health strategies to support populations, with a particular focus on supporting young and middle-aged women to improve their health. Tayla has a particular strength in analysing complex, quantitative datasets.


Britta is a Senior Public Health Consultant at Enable Health Consulting. Her work aims to ensure the voices of communities are embedded in health promotion planning, implementation and evaluation. Britta’s approach to her work seeks to privilege community’s needs and the wider socio-cultural structures impacting disease prevention and health equity.

Britta has 5 years’ experience in public health academia as a teacher and researcher. Her specific areas of practice included: in-depth interviewing, qualitative analysis, and health theory.


Katsu is a Public Health Consultant at Enable Health Consulting. He has experience as a Project Co-ordinator, leading the development, delivery, and monitoring of programs spanning social and emotional wellbeing, and sexual health. Katsu is experienced in qualitative health research, with particular interests in qualitative research methodology and pedagogy, and cancer research. Katsu anchors reflexivity at the core of their day-to-day work, approaching projects with a commitment to centering the voices and narratives of communities as they intend to be heard.  Katsu is energised by complex questions and collaboration.                                                                                                                            


Natasha is a casual Public Health Consultant at Enable Health Consulting who provides expert advice on biostatistical matters. She is a clinical epidemiologist and post-doctoral researcher at The University

of Queensland. She has a comprehensive portfolio of industry and community engagement, including work with physical activity and wellbeing projects, recreation and sports planning for local councils, and a wide variety of projects in aged care. Natasha has provided important research evidence to Government departments to address critical and complex questions facing the Aged Care Sector, such as quality indicators.



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